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Regie:  Daniel Garptoft.

Recorded in Studio Nacksving in 2019-2020

Engineered by Command and Isak Edh

Mixed by Oskar Lindberg at Seven Gates Studios

Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano

Artwork by Mitchell Nolte

VAMPIRE – “Rex” (39:46)

01.Prelusion (0:42)

02.Rex (3:08)

03.Inspiritus (3:54)

04.Wiru-Akka (4:19)

05.Pandemoni (3:15)

06.Moloch (5:49)

07.Rekviem (3:26)

08.Serafim (4:02)

09.Anima (6:21)

10.Melek-Taus (4:50)

Sänger Hand of Doom kommentiert den Clip: "The video stresses the dark nature romanticism that has been part of Vampire ever since the first album. A major difference to the music videos Daniel Garptoft has made for Vampire previously is that there are no humans visible on screen. The closest you'll get are biblical etchings, decapitated statues and a ghastly entity oozing up from the tombs. Together with the heroic and celebratory quality of the music it offers a new dimension to the Vampire experience, full of contrasts."