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Die deutschen Funeral Doomster FROWNING lassen unsere Leser/innen exklusiv vorab ihr komplettes Album "Exticnt" antesten. Die Scheibe wird am 17.02.17 via Black Lion Records veröffentlicht. 

Vorbestellt kann das Stück Edelmetall natürlich schon werden unter dieser Adresse:

Aus der Bandinfo: 
Being impressed with the mesmerizing music of Pantheist and Evoken, Val founded his own Funeral Doom Metal project “Fowning” in January 2011 and soon started to record songs for his own pleasure and they only remained as uploads on youtube. April 2014 saw the first substantial release of the project, a split release with the British Doom Metal band "Aphonic Threnody”, entitled as "Aphonic Threnody VS. Frowning of Graves, of Worms and Epitaphs”. That split release paved the way to get a contract with California based label Wretched Records. "Funeral Impressions", the debut full length of the band was released on October 25th, 2014 under Wretched Records and Solitude Productions. The majestic gloomy sound of this album turned the band into an admirable name inside the Funeral Doom Metal scene.In 2016, Val started working on the new material for Frowning and signed to Swedish label Black Lion Records for releasing the highly-anticipated sophomore full length “Extinct”, a nice follow up to the debut album that took the world by storm. Extinct contains 5 stunning tracks of pure Funeral Doom. Mournful gut-wrenching growls, eerie cold melodic atmosphere, desolate tones of acoustic guitar, slow, crumbling and drone oriented riffs — all of these elements of the album ensure that a phenomenal Funeral Doom journey is awaiting for the listeners. 

Check remark on this track from Val, the sole member of the band:

"This instrumental track is really something that defines Frowning and presents the band on a new level."

Val Atra Niteris – Everything
1. Nocturnal Void 
2. Encumbered by Vermin 
3. Veiled in Fog 
4. Buried Deep 
5. Frédéric Chopin's Marche Funèbre 
Total Timing: 62:57