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New song of Arallu (Middle Eastern Black Metal band from Israel) Album "En Olam" is out on 22.09.2019

Format: Digipak & jewel case, CD; 500 & 300 copies; 12-page booklet / Black vinyl, LP, 150 copies
Catalog number: SAT266 / ER-005 Labels: Satanath Records (Russia) / Exhumed Records (Ecuador)

En Olam (there is no world Hebrew language translation), describes the fear we all live and feel. A situation in which you find out that we all live inside an illusion, and everything we know does not exist. The world we see, and our emotions, are just imaginated picture that don't exist The discovery of the truth seemingly makes you lose your grip and shake your whole being. All that you thought protected you is just a dream and you're actually hanging between the earth and sky without the ability to see anything. Your eyes are open and your body is awake but there is just white blank nothing. You realize that nothing ever existed and that there is nothing.

"En Olam" recorded at Bardo Studio in Israel, mastered and mixed by Dory Bar-Or (Eternal Gray) who is responsible to the sound of Geniewar, Six and Desert Battles 2018 remastered albums of the band.

Cover artwork by Nir Doliner. Band photo by Michael Solomonovitch.

Band logo by Avi Harari. Layout by Satanath.

All music and lyrics written, composed, played and recorded by Arallu 2018-2019.

"Spells" texts by Necronomicon book (H.P. Lovecraft), arrange by Arallu.

En Olam by Arallu 2019 will release September 22th via Satanth Rec Europe and Exhumed Rec. Ecuador.


"En Olam" lyrics:

With open eyes you can see nothing
You look around but still all is white
Black smoke crosses the land

Everything is an illusion
Voices of the dead
Stench of the rotten
Closing in on you

אין עולם
אין חיים
כי אין פה כלום
אין עולם!

You walk on the ground
but feel that you're floating
Your memories are not real
Voices of the dead
Stench of the rotten
Attacks you

You are dead!
There is no world!
You never existed!
All you knew was a lie!

אין עולם
אין חיים
כי מעולם לא היה כאן כלום!