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Über die Band:
Althea formed in Milan from an idea of the guitarist Dario Bortot and bassist Fabrizio Zilio with the object of developing a free-of-schemes progressive metal rock project. With the entrance in the line up of the keyboardist Marco Zambardi the band produced a number of demo tapes and played live in many venues in northern Italy, also participating in several musical contests. 
With Sergio Sampietro on drums and Alessio Accardo on vocals joining the band, the Althea line up stabilized and the group resumed live performances in several of the Milan clubs, including the LiveMi event in Piazza Duomo.

With this formation, the band composed and recorded new songs that after an intense amount of work in the recording studio, became part of the "Eleven" EP, released in February 2014. 
Eleven received outstanding reviews from local and international press and the band played live extensively in iconic locations, including Colony club.

In 2016 the band went back into the studio to record the new full-length concept album "Memories Have No Name", a 16 songs concept album spacing from progressive metal, rock and experimental ambient sections to be released in January 2017. |