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Die Band über den Song:

“The video was made by Magnus Ewald, whom previously worked with a number of artist from the darker side of the Swedish music scene, such as ENTOMBED and THE MYSTERY. It was shot earlier this year, during a three day long blizzard where the band literally got snowed in. The location; a 200 year old barn at premises of the infamous Ghost Cabin of Wånkarbo, surrounded by thick Scandinavian forest and desolated fields. A place where the band have done many of its esthetic work over the years (recordings, videos and craft). This place has become a vital part of the very core of what is This Gift Is A Curse. 

The song came about pretty late in the writing process but felt immediately like a song that would be a fitting first ""single"" to showcase the new record and its sound. In its lyrical theme; a song about the worship of pure hatred. And how to embrace that feeling and canalizing that into a black venomous diamond of rage. Cold and razor sharp, ready so slice the world to pieces for anyone who wields it. The language is full of mythological and esoteric symbols but also hides a more personal story about the hate for one’s own blood and flesh, the Father as well as renouncement and vengeance. Erebos (Ερεβος), whom is called upon over and over again trough out the song; was said to be the very personification of “deep darkness” in Greek mythology, an ancient being born from true chaos. The very same ember that sparks rage into hatred and breathes life into all destructive forces. This is what this song celebrates."


TGIAC hood 01 Small Magnus Ewald