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Und während Ihr Euch daran erfreuen könnt, werkeln die schwedischen Death-Metaller bereits munter am Material für das nächste Album - natürlich stilecht in einem feuchten, alten Keller in Göteborgs Altstadt.

Zu dem Video haben sie Folgendes zu vermelden: “The ‘Knights of the Burning Crypt’ live video is a perfect ending of the “With Primeval Force” album cycle. The video was shot in Malmö last autumn on the mini-tour we did with At the Gates and Nifelheim. We’re honoured to have been part of such a legendary team of bands. After the final gigs in 2018, we’ve gotten around to record semi-professional demo takes of a couple of songs that have been in the works for about a year. We’re aiming for a first studio visit this spring to begin the "real" recording sessions for our third album. The new VAMPIRE songs are partly a continuation of the more epic sides of “With Primeval Force” but there will be a lot of fast stuff, as well.”