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Sänger Olli über den Song:
"The song.. the lyrical part of the song was written in few hours after we had conversation about recording it and some fixing during the session. Actually I had shitloads of stuff to do and I had a great way to channel my frustration writing it! Lyrics are about the surroundings we all live in including the fact that we are all going to die, sooner or later. It has a bit apocalyptic view about policies and rules we are being told without forgetting the dimming mind set to the digital world, quite obvious, isnt it? You do the math.

The track itself starts with great moshing part following massive riff showing what the composing is all about in Tomb Of Finland. Not forgetting the chorus of this epic track followed by solo straight from the depths of hell. Overall this track is the tits that deserves listening more than once. Eventhough there are lots and lots of bands playing great music, there is few that gives more than just music that doesnt age so well than corpses in your fridge."