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Sänger/Bassist Anlov P. Mathiesen über die Nummer:
«In Chaos Becrowned» embraces the constructive influence of chaos within the cosmic order. The track is also a portrayal of the absence of irrelevant and distasteful deities, coupled with the deeply personal process of releasing the forces often hidden beneath obsolete symbolism and ideas. In an occult sense, the song has a very positive outlook. As the title track for our upcoming album it also epitomizes the main themes on the record, dealing with personal esoterism, mythical liberation and profound opposition. Musically the song is a progressive and percussion-driven rhythmic hymn, focused on repetition, building slowly towards the more all out blackened heavy metal climax. 
The music video is made by the drummer, Sølve Sæther.

Release date: June 8, 2018. On Dark Essence Records.

Pre-Order: (US webshop)