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Die Band schreibt: "Brothers and sisters! Today we want to present a song to you from our latest album "Vanadrottning". It is called "Dödens Dans" (Dance of Death), and it tells of an old challenge, in Sweden called "holmgång". In ancient nordic times, it was a way to solve disputes, and this solution was simply single combat. The winner would have the right to whatever he may have wanted from the loser, but if this challenge was ever denied by somebody, they would be marked as a niding (outcast). It is a fast-paced and energetic song, filled with melodies of old. Enjoy, friends. And if you already have, enjoy it again!"

GRIMNER betouren ihr aktuelles Album  "Vanadrottning", das seit dem 09.02.18 via Despotz Records/Cargo erhältlich ist.

GRIMNER – live:
05.04. Blackland - Berlin
06.04. Ragnarök Festival – Lichtenfels
20.05. Bambi Galore – Hamburg
21.05. Wave Gotik Treffen – Leipzig
18.08. Barther Metal Open Air – Bart
06.09. Kulturhof - Lübbenau/Spreewald
07.09. Club From Hell – Erfurt
08.09. Maze - Berlin 

Grimner tour Europe