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  • PEACEVILLE feiern 30-jähriges Jubiläum mit großer Preisoffensive!

PEACEVILLE feiern 30-jähriges Jubiläum mit großer Preisoffensive!

In 30 Jahren Labelhistorie hat sich so einiges an Klassikern angesammelt. Um ihrer Verantwortung als stilprägendes Label gerecht zu werden, bieten PEACEVILLE ihren Kunden zur Feier des Jubiläums die Möglichkeit, ihre Kollektionen preisgünstig zu komplettieren: Bereits ab 7,99 Euro gibt es jede Menge Backkatalogtitel für einen kurzen Zeitraum.

Folgende Titel sind im Rahmen der PEACEVILLE Preis Kampagne bis zum Jahresende ab 7,99 EUR aufwärts im Handel erhältlich:
Bloodbath;The Fathomless Mastery
Autopsy;The Headless Ritual
Darkthrone;Arctic Thunder
Katatonia;The Fall Of Hearts
My Dying Bride;Feel The Misery
Opeth;The Roundhouse Tapes
Paradise Lost;Gothic
Anathema;Alternative 4
Autopsy;Skull Grinder
Autopsy;Tourniquets,Hacksaws And Graves
Behemoth;Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
Behemoth;Zos Kia Cultus
Candlemass;Ancient Dreams
Candlemass;Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Darkthrone;Blaze In(20th Anniversary)
Darkthrone;Sardonic Wrath
Darkthrone;Soulside Journey(Ann.Ed.)
Katatonia;Brave Murder Day
Katatonia;Night Is The New Day(Tour Ed)
Katatonia;Tonights Decision
Khold;Til Endes
Mayhem;Live In Leipzig
My Dying Bride;Evinta
My Dying Bride;Turn Loose The(Reissue)
My Dying Bride;Vaulted Shadows(EP-Coll.)
Paradise Lost;Lost Paradise
Pentagram;Day Of Reckoning
Akercocke;The Goat Of Mendes
Autopsy;Severed Survival
Behemoth;The Apostasy
Bloodbath;Bloodbath Over Bloodstock
Sikth;Death Of A Dead Day
Pentagram;Curious Volume
Darkthrone;Transilvanian Hunger
Darkthrone;Underground Resistance
Mayhem;Live In Leipzig
Pentagram;Curious Volume
Bloodbath;Bloodbath Over Bloodstock
Mayhem;Live In Zeitz
Mayhem;Mediolanum Capta Est(Ltd.)
My Dying Bride;Angel&The Dark River
My Dying Bride;As The Flower Withers
Autopsy;Headless Ritual(Ltd.)
Darkthrone;A Blaze In The Northern Sky
Darkthrone;Under A Funeral Moon
Autopsy;Mental Funeral(Ltd.)
T.O.M.B.;Fury Nocturnus

30 Years of Peaceville

“Having been fortunate enough to see Peaceville from several angles and on both sides of the wall (& different walls), it is a slightly surreal privilege to be able to reflect on a milestone such as this as both observer and participant. It stirs memories of the young guy listening intently to those early Darkthrone, My Dying Bride, etc releases, during a still-pioneering time in extreme metal in the early part of the 90s, before it (not they) took some awful turns. There are Peaceville albums which defined my own past (as I hope has been the case for some of you also), & those which shaped some of my future, in more ways than I could have known then. And yet, like with everything we tend to reflect upon, it quickly becomes apparent that time is relentless, & before you know it the years have flown by, people have come and gone, and you wonder where it all went, yet those memories remain - impenetrable.

I think of my time before Peaceville; The Thrash of Naked Limbs, of the sheer oppressive feeling of Acts of the Unspeakable, of hearing talk of how great this upcoming album called Transilvanian Hunger had turned out, when Peaceville had just received the very literal master tape. Of trips to Academy studios, plus going down to the old offices in Dewsbury and buying vinyls for as little as £0.10! ……… of hearing tales of a subsequently very successful band going along to the same offices knocking on the door looking for a deal but not being let in. I think of Mine Is Yours to Drown In, Our Lord Will Come, Plasterchrist, Kathaarian Life Code, Beyond Good and Evil…..the list goes on. I think of how great it was to see Katatonia on the label. I think of a thick haze often enveloping the previous offices (not coming from my corner, I promise, ha), of The Best of Old School Black Metal, of Curse of the Red River, of us finally making it to Planet Satan. I also wonder how that studio version of Goatlord could’ve turned out had it been recorded (incredible stuff), & barely a year goes by when I don’t bring up the subject of a “third” Isengard album with a particular Norwegian. I try, I try.

I also think of the diversity and open-mindedness of the label. It wasn’t only about championing metal. Consider GGFH & Ship of Fools on Dreamtime, or Beyond Dawn’s ‘Frysh’, which I remember was certainly among Hammy’s favourite Peaceville albums. Or the recent T.O.M.B. album, which was a nod to those experimental days thinking outside of the metallic box.

I also now think of Fleurety. Peaceville was interested in signing the band back at the very start of the millennium, so it is a nice moment to welcome them to the roster in the label’s 30th year, showing it is always better late than never.

Personally, it has always been the intension to retain much of the Peaceville non-compromising /non-conformist attitude – something I always respected about how Hammy went about things. Not slices of instant-gratification going rotten the following year once the flavour dies out, but a banquet for the ages. Thanks to the bands for supplying such exquisite meals, with my deepest and most respectful compliments to all the chefs involved.

And eternal credit (and gratitude) to Hammy for paving the way for a great legacy. Best wishes to you both.”

Thomas Halden - MORK
Peaceville Records has been around for three decades. That's three years shy of my own existence. They have released some of my all-time favourite Black Metal albums. They have credibility and all my peers and label-buddies talk with great warmth about the label and about dealing with them. To be picked up and get signed by these guys around the celebration of their first thirty years just tells me and the world that they're still ambitious and keeps the black flame burning. May there be thirty more!

Thank you ever so much, Peaceville, for giving us Autopsy, first Paradise Lost and, oh, the Axegrinder album. Furthermore, for our own career, the last 15 years have been beautiful, and initially to take a chance on us maniacs from the north.

" We felt incredibly lucky when we signed with Peaceville in 1990. Still I think we have struck gold being with them, in terms of mutual respect and cooperation. Feels like home for Darkthrone."

"Autopsy and Peaceville.....like peanut butter and jelly. More like blood and guts? A cool combination anyways. We were both getting off the ground when the first unholy signing took place almost 30 years ago and here we are still cranking away. Wild! You haven't heard the last of Autopsy nor Peaceville, so keep your eyes peeled. I recommend a potato peeler for that, but go with whatever you think is best."

Peaceville were the first label to contact us after we’d sent out our one and only demo – Towards The Sinister, and we weren’t shy in responding. We had hoped for a deal with either them or Earache, both prolific at the time, and happily plumped for Peaceville as they not only seemed most keen but were local too, a marvellous bonus! Working with them was sweet and easy with an almost family feel to the whole business, going for coffee’s, meeting in local pubs, chilling at their office. At no point did they try to influence us in any way and allowed full artistic freedom from the get go, something I doubt we’d have enjoyed under a larger label, and so a long and fruitful partnership was born, one that lasted over a quarter of a century!

Happy 30 years for Peaceville!!! STAY EVIL

Svein Egil Hatlevik, Fleurety
Music makes its strongest impression on the young and, well, impressionable. "A Blaze in the Northern Sky" was the album that took me from "intrigued with black metal" to "obsessed by black metal". BUT LEST WE FORGET: GGFH!!! (on the Peaceville sub-label Dreamtime). Holy rutabaga, that "Disease" album never gets old. Thank you, Peaceville, and remember DEAD MEN DON'T RAPE.

“And so here we are, 30 years of pure Metal Underground. Happy birthday to the label, our label, who gave birth to the most inspired, progressive, violent, and dark Metal era of all times. The label who since the end 80’s has inspired us, along with at least two generations, to buy a guitar and write music. Enjoy this celebration and thanx fox having brought to light mammoths like Autopsy, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Darkthrone, At The Gates and finally, for having believed in Novembre’s music!!! Cheers!”

Over the last 30 years, Peaceville Records has established a reputation as the leader in innovative and extreme underground music worldwide. Throughout the label's history, they've been responsible for shaping the foundation of several different genres of music. With a diverse roster of pioneer artists, Peaceville has set themselves apart from today’s entertainment industry. They've avoided trends and stayed true to the vision
and integrity of their musicians, fans and individuals dedicated to metal music culture. With these core values, Peaceville Records will remain the standard to which extreme musical expression is represented.

Olli-Pekka Laine, Barren Earth
"For me, Peaceville Records is one of the most important pioneer metal labels of all time. Releasing such classics as Autopsy's Severed Survival and Paradise Lost's Lost Paradise already in the turn of the 80's and 90's, Peaceville rapidly became a true holy grail for the extreme metal circles in Finland. A position that the label has been able to keep to the date.
Therefore, getting signed to Peaceville with Barren Earth in 2009 felt like closing the circle; we were able to deliver through the source of our original inspiration. Happy 30th anniversary Peaceville, live long & peace be upon you!!"

All hail to Peaceville! The most important house of underground metal. Their universe has produced many of those who defines the scene. 30 years of keeping it real. Congrats and respect.
Hail Satan and hail Peaceville!