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PRIMORDIAL: Videoclip zu neuem Album + Tourdates

Am 29. September erscheint mit „How It Ends“ das zehnte Album in der Karriere der irischen Celtic-/Epic-Metaller bei Metal Blade Records. Dass Bandkopf Alan Averill kein bisschen weniger streitlustig geworden ist, belegt das Interview in unserer aktuellen Ausgabe – wie sich das musikalisch äußert, zeigt der erste ausgekoppelte Track: 'Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is An Orphan'.

Die Band kommentiert: „The title is a question - is this how it ends? How it all goes down: culture, language, history, society - humanity - who knows? Regardless of who you are or were, you get one chance at all of this, and it’s asking is this the end of your town, state, nation? Myths, traditions, relationships, and I suppose it asks the question, who reacts, who rebels - how does it end now for them?

'How It Ends' is a very angry, defiant, visceral, and rebellious album, and as we worked it all began to take more shape and form itself. It may be the note we go out on but it will be a note of resistance, in musical terms. I think it’s also more metal! And more epic!

It certainly sounds like PRIMORDIAL, there is no doubt about that, we have our own style and this is a new chapter of the same book. If we have done anything new it’s really to work with more conviction than ever, and trust more than ever our instincts.“

„How It Ends“ Tracklisting:

1. How It Ends

2. Ploughs To Rust, Swords To Dust

3. We Shall Not Serve

4. Traidisiúnta

5. Pilgrimage To The World's End

6. Nothing New Under The Sun

7. Call To Cernunnos

8. All Against All

9. Death Holy Death

10. Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is An Orphan