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SHINING stellen zweiten neuen Song vor

SHINING haben soeben die zweite Single zu ihrem am 15. September via Napalm Records erscheinenden selbstbetitelten Album veröffentlicht. Die Band verspricht „a downward journey in stereo that will drown the world in a mesmerizing, inescapable darkness.“

Kvarforth kommentiert die zweite Single-Auskoppelung: „Our second single, 'Avsändare Okänd' could best be described as what "Halmstad" or "Varg Utan Flock" could have sounded if recorded with the current lineup. It’s the opening track of our new album and classic SHINING at its absolute darkest. The physical version also includes a DANZIG cover on the B-side, which will not be released digitally.“

Und das neue Album: „This is our self-titled, eleventh studio album, and it is drenched in an instantly recognizable sound which has been perfected over the last three decades, and that, today, has become the trademark of the band.“

Foto: Claudio Marino