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TOMORROW'S RAIN: 3 Songs mit bekannten Gaststars veröffentlicht

Am 11. September erscheint das Debütalbum von TOMORROW‘S RAIN über AOP Records, das nicht nur aufgrund des Exotenbonus für Aufsehen sorgen dürfte – die Band stammt nämlich aus Tel Aviv – sondern auch durch die schier unglaubliche Fülle an bekannten Gaststars aus dem Metal-Bereich.

Als Vorgeschmack veröffentlichen TOMORROW‘S RAIN nun eine weitere Single, bei der Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow The Sun) und Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) mitmischten.

Auf dem Album wirkten dann unter anderem auch noch Mitglieder von Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ, Arch Enemy, Nevermore, SepticFlesh und Draconian mit.

Zudem sind bereits die Songs mit Greg Mackintosh und Sakis Tolis

sowie mit Aaron Stainthorpe veröffentlicht worden.

Sänger Yishai Sweartz kommentiert den aktuellen Song: “Words will not be enough to express how grateful I was to record such a personal song as "Misery Rain" with dear people as Fernando and Mikko, growing up in the early 90's underground scene and especially as a Mediterranean country metal band I felt close to Moonspell since the "Under The Moonspell" release, me and Fernando grew up with the same musical and cultural influences, we are the generation who mixed the 80's gothic and dark rock style with the strong influence of the first releases of Paradise Lost/My Dying Bride and the 91-94 black metal explosion and of course Bathory…, "Wolfheart" for me was an album that perfectly mixed all these influences so having Fernando recording with us this song here in Tel Aviv was a great experience. Swallow The Sun… one of the best doom metal acts in my opinion and a bunch of great guys, Mikko is a brother, we met so many times here in Tel Aviv, we played with them, we had "few" beers with them, always a pleasure, always a click, also Swallow The Sun is a great example of a band who suffered a huge tragedy and had the strength to continue and carry on, choosing life, art, love and faith, with great albums and being such a fantastic guys they are simply one of the best bands around.“

Fernando Ribeiro ergänzt: „Tomorrow’s Rain’s new album will take the metal scene by storm, I am sure. It sounds amazing and it does remind me of all the great things this kind of doom, death, dark metal must present to get on the radar of many music lovers. I was blessed enough to do a small feature of the song Misery Rain and you can check the result on the YT link below. It was a pleasure to participate on such a great record, alongside with so many of my friends and people I admire on the scene and this also a token of a great time spent in Tel-Aviv on the studio with Yishai and his amazing band and then on stage with Moonspell. Enjoy it!“

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