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DUST BOLT machen mit Videoclip auf Mental-Health-Thema aufmerksam

Vor vier Jahren haben DUST BOLT "Mass Confusion" veröffentlicht, jetzt schieben sie einen Videoclip zu 'Exit' hinterher, der auf das Thema Mental Health, also mentale Gesundheit, aufmerksam machen soll - was natürlich in Zeiten von Corona aktueller denn je ist, obwohl dieser Aspekt oft an die Seite gedrängt wird.

Die Band kommentiert: "Mental health is a huge but yet often forgotten topic. Especially in these days, during a lockdown and social distancing, but also in our every day lifes, many of us struggle with anxiety and mental health problems. A few years ago we crossed paths with Enrique Guilhermes - a talented video and film maker from Portugal, finding the right visuals to our song Exit (released on our 3rd Album Mass Confusion). In times of all people #stayingathome we want to share this stunning video and interpretation of the song with you. If you deal with mental health problems, or if you know somebody who is struggling with it, we want to encourage you to know, that you are not alone. Don´t ignore the chance to get help for yourself or someone else you know who may be in crisis. This life is not about being the strongest. This life is not about fullfilling countless expectations, role pictures or competions. This is no competition. This is no TRUMPeting of being the best, most beautiful or most wealthy person in your compass. This life is about being YOU, finding yourself and loving yourself.

You are stronger than you know."

'Exit' von "Mass Confusion 2016", Video by Guilherme Henriques, Foto: Daniel Strub, www.great-moments.ch


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