Exklusive Video-Premiere: THE UNGUIDED "Legendary"

THE UNGUIDED melden sich nach einem Wechsel am "cleanen" Mikro mit ihrem brandneuen Album "And The Battle Royale" zurück, welches am 10. November 2017 erscheint. WIr freuen uns, euch exklusiv den ersten Trck von diesem Werk vorzustellen - viel Spaß mit 'Legendary'!


Das Album kann hier bestellt werden.


Richard Sjunnesson gibt zu Protokoll:
“Instrumentally “Legendary” was among the first batch of songs written for the album. We did however not select it for the “Brotherhood” EP, thus it became a bit of an underdog track during the entire process. But as everything came together and the mix of the album eventually showed up there was no denying this was one insanely hooky and accessible track, thus the fate of this song turned from a filler to a potential single. The word “Legendary” sung in the chorus, with its impressive vocal harmonies, might very well be one of my favorite moments of the album. The melodies are simply too hard to resist! Lyrically it’s a conceptual track and is dealing with the past trilogy of albums and their achievements in retrospective. There’s perfect vocal synergy and really catchy instrumental work. In regards to all this; it couldn’t make me happier than to present it as the first song out from “And The Battle Royale”. 

 “And The Battle Royale” track listing:

1               Death's Sting

2               The Heartbleed Bug

3               Legendary

4               Dark Metamorphosis

5               A Link to the Past

6               Anchor Stone (of the World)

7               Manipulate Fear

8               Force of Nature

9               King's Fall

10            Nighttaker (Bonus Track)

11            Daybreaker (Bonus Track)

12            Nighttaker (Live) (Bonus Track)

DVD track listing:

1               Becoming Death (Intro) (Live)

2               Enraged (Live)

3               King of Clubs (Live)

4               Blodbad (Live)

5               Heartseeker (Live)

6               Green Eyed Demon (Feat. Christoffer Andersson) (Live)

7               Unguided Entity (Live)

8               Betrayer of the Code (Feat. John Bengtsson) (Live)

9               Operation: E.A.E. (Live)

10            Eye of the Thylacine (Live)

11            Inherit the Earth (Live)

12            The Worst Day (Revisited) (Live)

13            Nighttaker (Live)

14            Phoenix Down (Live)

15            Hate (and Other Triumphs) (Live)


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