THE BWPP präsentieren Videoclip zu 'The Cold Of Frost'

Die deutsch-polnische Industrial-Kooperative THE BLACKWATER PANIC PROJECT liefert mit dem Video zu 'The Cold Of Frost' nun auch eine visuelle Ergänzung zur dem der aktuellen LEGACY-Ausgabe beiliegenden Single-CD. Paweł "Nightmare Animal" Siwochowicz kommentiert die Idee hinter dem Video folgendermaßen:

"The video is a basically a chronicle of the outrageous happenings that occurred in the last few years. Not only the worldwide pandemic and the riots that are happening because of it, there’s also the reemergence of authoritarian regimes all around the globe, the BLM riots, women fighting for the right to decide about their bodies themselves (as seen with the abortion legislation in Poland right now), asshole politicians that brought this world to the disaster we currently see on our TV screens now in the form of the war in Ukraine, corrupt leaders in the pockets of billion dollar corporations and banks - hell on earth sponsored by corporate greed. It's a video and song about the loss of trust in governments and the reality presented in the media, an inventory of the bad condition of human conscience and nature. Our mainstream culture is based on vanity and lies, starting with social media drama, thoughts and prayers instead of actions, and (not really) ending on the overwhelming hypocrisy that's flooding us from every screen. It's a video about not being able to cope with this bullshit around us any longer. Every day we stray further from all known gods and ethic norms, and we’re supposed to just let it happen, because it's already too late for counter action?"