Exklusiv: BLACKWOOD "Of Flies"


SSR062 Blackwood OfFlies 1440px 72dpi RGB webA dark, intoxicating, oxygen hungry monster comprised of thundering guitars, sub bass lines, slow relentless beats and sampled vocals from obscure esoteric traditions. Blackwood, the solo doom dub project by mastermind Eraldo Bernocchi is back with a brand new three track EP “Of Flies”, coming November 1st via capable Subsound Records.

Blackwood is the place where all childhood dreams end, the place where all of Bernocchi’s nightmares have relocated, a place where the smell of burning wood is omnipresent. This time featuring two female vocalists, no one else than Minipony’s Emilia Moncayo, whose voice is constantly balancing among growling and rhythmic wording and on her side there is Stefania Alos Pedretti from OVO adding a voice that's simply crawling under your skin. 

Today Leacy Magazine is pleased to share "Of Flies", the first single of the upcoming album!

„Of Flies“ will be coming out November 1st on Subsound Records and is available for pre-order HERE


1. Of Flies
2. Seclusion
3. Infraworld

Blackwood is:
Eraldo Bernocchi

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