Intothecrypt frontcoverORDO MCM is proud to present INTOTHECRYPT's striking debut album, Vakor, on digipack CD format with 32-page booklet.

Although an otherwise-new name, having been formed in 2016 as a studio project, INTOTHECRYPT feature members of Russian cult band SCALD: guitarist Ivan "Harald" Sergeev, bassist/vocalist Ilia "Velingor" Timashev, and drummer Aleksand “Ottar” Kudryashov, all of whom also played in Russian folk metal band Tumulus. The main goal of INTOTHECRYPT is to create dark, extreme music which includes elements of SCALD, Bathory, old-school doom/death, black metal, and Northern folk music. So, one could understand INTOTHECRYPT as an extension of where SCALD could've gone but also a separate entity unto itself.

Uniquely, INTOTHECRYPT’s lyrics are based on a peculiar combination of Slavic and Finno-Ugric mythologies which emerged in the North and North East regions of Ancient Rus when Slavs settled there and made contact with Finno-Ugrians and their culture. The songs are written from the viewpoint of a shaman who lived at a crossroads of cultures and combined both Slavic and Finno-Ugric believes and magical practices. Some of INTOTHECRYPT’s lyrics are in English; the rest of them are based on Ancient Russian grammar, with the use of Ancient Russian, Finno-Ugric and Russian dialectal vocabulary. A significant contribution to the music of INTOTHECRYPT was made by Gervald (project KI.EN.GI) and other guest musicians.

In 2017, INTOTHECRYPT created a four-song demo. A year later, the band finished their debut album, Vakor. Epic and expansive, Vakor creates a colorful canvas during its hour-long duration, with its kaleidoscopic landscape taking in pagan metal, folk, prog, traditional black/death, and of course that magical touch of SCALD and their pagan-era forebears Bathory. Each of the album's ten main songs weaves a fantastical spell that immediately penetrates the soul and stirs the imagination. At once, INTOTHECRYPT is emblematic of Russia's reigning pagan metal paradigm and defiant of it, creating a tapestry of glory entirely their own.

Apart from the main members of INTOTHECRYPT – Harald, Velingor, and Ottar – the following musicians took part in recording this album: Gervald on sound effects, percussion, and backing vocals and Marina Sokolova of Sedmaya Voda on vocals, altogether making for a truly unique and collaborative experience. Completed by Andrey Andreev’s cover artwork, INTOTHECRYPT's Vakor is a timeless tale of past, present, and perhaps future!

INTOTHECRYPT main lineup
Ivan "Harald" Sergeev – guitars
Ilia "Velingor" Timashev – vocals, bass
Aleksandr "Ottar" Kudryashov – drums and percussion

Guest musicians
Gervald (KI.EN.GI project) – backsound, keyboards, back vocal
Marina Sokolova (SEDMAYA VODA) – vocals
Maria Chirkova (ROS’ band) – vocals
Kuchma (TUMULUS band) – vocals
Kurbat (TUMULUS band) – vocals