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Exklusive Track-Premiere: SANATANA 'Adi Parva'

SANATANA geben eine erste Preview darauf, was die Fans von ihrem neuen Album erwarten dürfen. Das Besondere daran ist, dass die Band die Arbeiten an dem Album gerade erst begonnen hat, wir uns hier also über einen sehr frühen ersten Eindruck freuen dürfen.

Die Band über den Song:
"We present you the track Adi Parva dedicated to the theater of Natavar Melodies from this track will be included in the next album, on which we started work. The emergence and disappearance of the phenomena of the world. Ancient Actor that has created this universe comes in, plays with it for a while and eventually destroys it. Each spectator looks at the Actor, but does not see Him, and thinks that it's himself and his scenery, thus continuing the play."