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SATYRICON veröffentlichen erste Single als Lyricvideo

Am 22. September erscheint mit "Deep Calleth Upon Deep" das neunte Album der Black Metal-Altmeister. Nun haben die Norweger den Titelsong als erste Single und Lyricvideo veröffentlicht.

Satyr kommentiert: “It was not easy to chose a song to represent this album as they are all so different. I consider them all to be a group of individuals with strong and unique personalities and together they make the album «Deep calleth upon Deep».

The title track is the only song we’ve done with baritone and regular guitar all the way through the song. I felt it was needed for the tonal depth I was looking for and to enhance the swing of the groove in the heavier parts. It also has mellotron, cello, violin and backing vocals by classical singer Håkon Kornstad where the cello supports the baritone guitar and the mellotron, violin and the backing vocals provide air and width to the sound. Consider it a journey, play it loud, close your eyes and head into the forest. That’s what I do.“